More Books by Sophie Stern


Dragon Isle
Stepdragon (Dragon Isle)
My Lord and Dragon (Dragon Isle Book 1)
The Dragon Fighter (Dragon Isle Book 2)
A Dragon's Bite (Dragon Isle Book 3)
Lost to the Dragon (Dragon Isle Book 4)
Beware of Dragons (Dragon Isle Book 5)
Catching the Dragon (Dragon Isle Book 6)
Cowboy Dragon (Dragon Isle Book 7)
Dark Heart of the Dragon (Dragon Isle Book 8)
Once Upon a Dragon (Dragon Isle Book 9)

Polar Bears of the Air Force
Staff Sergeant Polar Bear (Polar Bears of the Air Force Book 1)
Master Sergeant Polar Bear (Polar Bears of the Air Force Book 2)
Airman Polar Bear (Polar Bears of the Air Force Book 3)
Senior Airman Polar Bear (Polar Bears of the Air Force Book 4)

Red (Wolf-Shifter Romance)
Red: Into the Dark
Red: Through the Dark
Red: Beyond the Dark

Honeypot Darlings
The Bear's Virgin Darling (Honeypot Darlings Book 1)
The Bear's Virgin Mate (Honeypot Darlings Book 2)
The Bear's Virgin Bride (Honeypot Darlings Book 3)

Honeypot Babies
The Polar Bear's Baby (Honeypot Babies Book 1)
The Jaguar's Baby (Honeypot Babies Book 2)
The Tiger's Baby (Honeypot Babies Book 3)

The Wolfe City Pack
The Wolf's Darling (The Wolfe City Pack Book 1)
The Wolf's Mate (The Wolfe City Pack Book 2)
The Wolf's Bride (The Wolfe City Pack Book 3)

Shifters at Law
Wolf Case (Shifters at Law Book 1)
Bearly Legal (Shifters at Law Book 2)
Tiger Clause (Shifters At Law Book 3)
Sergeant Bear (Shifters at Law Book 4)
Night Court (Shifters at Law Book 5)

Alien Darlings
Alien Dragon (Alien Darlings Book 1)
Alien Beast (Alien Darlings Book 2)
Alien Monster (Alien Darlings Book 3)

The Hidden Planet
Conquered (The Hidden Planet Book 1)
Vanquished (The Hidden Planet Book 2)
Outlaw (The Hidden Planet Book 3)

In the Darkness
Star Princess (In the Darkness Book 1)

Aislin’s Alien Adventures
Aislin's Alien Adventures



Starboard (Anchored Book 1)
Battleship (Anchored Book 2)
All Aboard (Anchored Book 3)
Abandon Ship (Anchored Book 4)

Club Kitten Dancers
Move (Club Kitten Dancers Book 1)
Pose (Club Kitten Dancers Book 2)
Climb (Club Kitten Dancers Book 3)


The Roleplayers
Bitter Jupiter (The Roleplayers Book 1)
Teaching Jupiter (The Roleplayers Book 2)
Stripping Jupiter (The Roleplayers Book 3)


Red Says the Dragon (A Fantasy Dragon-Shifter Story)
Snow White and the Wolves: A Naughty Fairy Tale (A Wolf-Shifter Story)
Blood Dolls (Vampire Romance)
Aboard the Mother Ship (Alien Erotica)


Saucy Devil


Seduction is Not a Bad Word
Filthy: A Taboo Erotic Romance
Billionaire on Top
The Editor
Kissing the Billionaire
Free For Him
The Paralegal
Take Your Time
Playing to Win


Revelry Omnibus Edition


Dragon Isle Boxed Set, Books 1-3: My Lord and Dragon, The Dragon Fighter, and A Dragon's Bite
Dragon Isle Boxed Set, Books 4-6: Lost to the Dragon, Beware of Dragons, and Catching the Dragon
Polar Bears of the Air Force: The Complete Series

Red: The Complete Trilogy

Alien Darlings
Honeypot Babies Omnibus
Honeypot Darlings Omnibus
Club Kitten Dancers: Omnibus Edition
Good Boys and Millionaires: Volume 1
Good Boys and Millionaires: Volume 2
First Shift (Paranormal Shifter HEA Romance)
The Roleplayers