There is a place where the men are more than human...

There is a place where anything can happen...

Victoria doesn't want to go to Dragon Isle, but when her mother dies, she has no choice. (Stepdragon)

Lindsey is jobless, penniless, and hopeless when a dragon proposes an unusual arrangement. (My Lord and Dragon)

Janae has no interest in Dragon Isle, but when her brother gets sick, she has to help him. (The Dragon Fighter)

Ashley is broken, but an unexpected storm throws her into the arms of someone who might be just what she needs. (A Dragon's Bite)

Skye wants to visit Dragon Isle to write a book about the shifters who live there, but when Liam denies her access, she takes matters into her own hands. (Lost to the Dragon)

Audrey returns to Dragon Isle for love, but fears her feelings may not be reciprocated. (Beware of Dragons)

Penelope swore never to love a human again, but when the man who broke her heart returns, she has to make a choice. (Catching the Dragon)

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