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Alien Chaos




Christmas on Chaos

Alien Chaos: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Bundle

Aliens of Malum

Deceived: An Alien Brides Romance

Betrayed: An Alien Brides Romance

Fallen: An Alien Brides Romance

Captured: An Alien Brides Romance

Regret: An Alien Brides Romance

Crazed: An Alien Brides Romance

For Keeps: An Alien Brides Romance
Rotten: An Alien Brides Romance




All Aboard

Abandon Ship

Below Deck

Crossing the Line

Anchored: Books 1-3

Anchored: Books 4-6

Ashton Sweets

Christmas Sugar Rush

Valentine's Sugar Rush

St. Patty's Sugar Rush

Halloween Sugar Rush

Bullies of Crescent Academy

You Suck


Bullies of Crescent Academy

Club Kitten Dancers



Club Kitten Dancers Omnibus

Dragon Enchanted

Hidden Mage

Hidden Captive

Hidden Curse

Dragon Isle

My Lord and Dragon
The Dragon Fighter

A Dragon's Bite

Lost to the Dragon

Beware of Dragons

Cowboy Dragon

Dark Heart of the Dragon

Once Upon a Dragon

Catching the Dragon

Dragon Isle (Collection: Books 1-3)
Dragon Isle (Collection: Books 4-6)

Dragon Isle (Collection: Books 7-9)

Fate High School

You Wish: A High School Reverse Harem Romance

Freak: A Reverse Harem High School Romance

Get Lost: A Reverse Harem Romance
Fate High School

Good Boys and Millionaires

Good Boys and Millionaires 1

Good Boys and Millionaires 2

Honeypot Babies

The Polar Bear's Baby

The Jaguar's Baby

The Tiger's Baby

Honeypot Darlings

The Bear's Virgin Darling

The Bear's Virgin Mate

The Bear's Virgin Bride

Office Gentlemen

Ben From Accounting

Polar Bears of the Air Force

Staff Sergeant Polar Bear

Master Sergeant Polar Bear

Airman Polar Bear

Senior Airman Polar Bear


Red: Into the Dark

Red: Through the Dark

Red: Beyond the Dark

Return to Dragon Isle

Dragons Are Forever

Dragon Crushed

Dragon's Hex

Dragon's Gain (Coming Soon)

Dragon’s Rush (Coming Soon)

Shifters at Law

Wolf Case

Bearly Legal

Tiger Clause

Sergeant Bear

Dragon Law

Shifters of Rawr County

The Lion's Fake Wife

The Tiger's Fake Date

The Polar Bear's Fake Mate

The Wolf's Pretend Mate (Coming Soon)

Stormy Mountain Bears

The Lumberjack's Baby Bear

The Writer's Baby Bear

The Mountain Man's Baby Bears

Stormy Mountain Bears: The Complete Collection


Sweet Nightmares

The Vampire's Melody (Coming Soon)

The Sound of Roses (Coming Soon)

Team Shifter

Bears VS Wolves

No Fox Given

The Fablestone Clan

Dragon's Oath

Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Darling

Dragon's Whisper

Dragon's Magic
The Fablestone Clan Omnibus Edition

The Feisty Dragons

Untamed Dragon

Naughty Dragon

Monster Dragon

The Hidden Planet




The Wolfe City Pack

The Wolf's Darling

The Wolf's Mate

The Wolf's Bride